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This index contains links to short stories I've written.

Eulogy of Crows

Eulogy of Crows (Main Site)


Two dead friends set out to find a missing man. With the help of a third explorer, they wander through a world made out of the hexagonally-packed dreams of the living in search of him. On their journey, they uncover parts of the mechanism behind their mortality in the afterlife.

Untitled 1 (Preview)

Length: 1 chapter.

Rating: General Audiences


Sam hasn’t slept since the day she died. Elli sleeps too much sometimes. They trade for a day.

Pathologic | Мор. Утопия

Low Tide

Length: 2 chapters, approximately 7,000 words.

Rating: Mature


“I’m traveling to Italy this summer. Would you like to come along?”

Daniil looks up from his reading. Andrey is still writing away, though it seems that his notes have devolved into aimless sketching.

“Italy?” Daniil asks. “What are you planning on doing there?”

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Jagged Line Quilt

Length: 2 chapters, approximately 12,500 words.

Rating: Explicit


Peter had asked for his help in clearing out the loft. Not just the top floor where he slept and worked, but the boarded up rooms as well. The architect had taken him in as a guest these last few weeks, so Daniil only found it fair to help.

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Length: 1 chapter, approximately 3,300 words.

Rating: General Audiences


It’s frightening to see someone fall off of a ledge and fail to reappear.

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Tabula Rasa

Length: 1 chapter, approximately 4,200 words.

Rating: Teen


Daniil gets mugged in the Skinners district. Peter helps him scare the bandit away. They share a cup of tea at his loft.

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We Access Only A Fraction

Length: 14 comic pages


"A quiet day selected from the quiet years after Siebren de Kuiper's extraction from a clandestine government facility."

This is a short comic about three physicists who are under the impression that they work for the Oasis Ministries.