Max Banshees


I'm Max, a writer and artist from Massachusetts.

This Neocities website contains my work, as well as external links.


Illustration & Sequential Art Portfolio: This portfolio is currently hosted on Artstation.

Story Index: This page contains links to stories I've written.

Eulogy of Crows: A web-based illustrated story about two dead friends who set out to find a missing man.

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Tutorials, Files, & Smaller Projects

Tetrahedral Room: A project that explores the construction and evolution of a tetrahedron as it passes through different mediums.

Seamripper 2: An interactive version of Seamripper. Reload to get a new image.

Seamripper: An animated self portrait where I've portrayed myself as a digital virus that is altering and stealing materials from the videogame character.

Transparent Machine: A visual and verbal self portrait based off of a comment about my work.

Metal: A Blender project inspired by Tauba Auerbach's Fold series.

The Beautiful Foundation of Memory: A page containing the sources and inspirations for the Pathologic illustration series 'The Beautiful Foundation of Memory'.

Haematopoetry Black & White, Single-Sided Print Files: Print-sized files for the Haematopoetry comic. Just make sure to set the print instructions to to black ink only, best quality, and if available, scale to fit media.

Play By Numbers: A Twine game made in 2018 for one of Misha Rabinovich's Interactive Media classes. This page includes the game, and a source code download to open on

Pathologic 1: Bachelor Route Day 1 Book: Files and instructions for printing the first day of the Pathologic 1 Bachelor Route text as a saddle-stitched book.

Utopian Scrapbook: Print-sized files for the picture 'Utopian Scrapbook'.

Pathologic 2 Models for Blender: information on how to download, unpack, set up, pose, and render rotten-eye's Pathologic 2 models in Blender.

Pathologic 2: Herb and Brewing Guide: Drawn guides to picking herbs and brewing medicine in Pathologic 2, as well as links to relevant Pathologic Wiki entries.

AutoHotkey Drawing Shortcuts: A Windows tutorial for remapping the numpad keys to common drawing shortcuts.